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This is one stubborn monster. It’s been around for a couple of months, lurking just under the surface. The past week or so, however, it’s decided to come up for some air, and at full force. Luckily I have some things occurring soon in which I can start to get some sort of help; or at least that’s what I hope it will turn out to be.

Next week marks the last week of this class, and I’m a bit worried about ending this one and then starting two new ones, in the midst of my mental state. I’m hoping that i will do well; it will at least give me something else to think about other than my mind. School work has always helped me, even if the social part of it has almost killed me. That’s not the only thing that’s almost killed me though; the mind is a dangerous tool if it doesn’t work right.


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  1. That last sentence, right on the head of the nail.

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