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As an avid Stephen King fan, I have to say that I’m kinda disappointed with his last two or three books. I believe, if my memory serves me correctly, the last book that I thought was alright was his book of short stories, “Full Dark, No stars”. And even that was alright at best, in my opinion. I know he’s getting old, and I know one man can only write so many things. For me, it’s not the bare bones of the plots themselves that seem to be going down hill, it just seems as if maybe he could make them better somehow. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. I’ve found the same thing happening with a few other of my favorite authors, but none stick out for me quite like Mr. King. My alltime favorite books by him are still and always will be Desperation and The stand, and I have too many favorite short stories of his to pick just one or two.


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  1. My spouse was concerned because I was reading dead poets, ones who had suicided young. It was a matter of perspective as I am no longer an ‘up and comer’ in age in the manner of under-30 poetry writing prizes.

    I’m also reading Lastingness: The Art of Old Age, which flips the coin to examine why certain careers peak young, why certain artists brush off their hands and say they’re done (perhaps wisely so), and how some find their voice, or renew their views, in their 50’s and older to work until they die.

    From all I’ve read, when King was struck by a vehicle, he changed. He began collaborating, fearing he was repetitive. Self-doubt, depression, anger—they will empty you of energy before you can turn around twice.

    It seems you know something of that, as do I.

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