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today I saw my cousins artwork featured on a website; I havent brought myself to go to the gallery where it’s being displayed. She passed away this past september at the age of ten, and an immense amount of talent and compassion was lost to the world. Noel wasn’t your typical ten year old kid; she cared more about helping other people and giving what she could to those in need more than what she had or didn’t have. She was bright, compassionate, giving, and just an all around great kid. She will be forever missed. I love you, Noel


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  1. So sad to know she is forever ten years old and full of potential untapped. Often depression has us holding on to the things of a person we have lost.

    When my mother-in-law knew she was terminal, she started giving me all her crafting supplies and excess decorations. I couldn’t say no. After she died, I found I couldn’t let go of the things that represented her. I had a garage full and was facing a move to a small apartment. Through grief I realized she wasn’t in those things (seems like a simple enough concept to grasp, but my heart was having none of it at first). She remains a part of me in a much fuller way.

    Cliché, yes: Time helped me love her more deeply and understand her more clearly.

    May your memories bring you comfort.

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