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I finally got the opening scene to my novel the way I want it last night, which is a huge accomplishment for me. I had been working on it for a while, and I was beginning to feel a bit discouraged, but I kept telling myself not to give up, that it would work out the way it’s meant to. After having that thought, something in my head just clicked, and the scene fell together perfectly. All I needed was a little patience, determination and persistence. It just goes to show how much potential the writing may have.  So, my advice to anyone feeling stuck with anything they are doing, be it writing or anything else, is to stick with it and have confidence. You may be surprised at the outcome. 



  1. I spent close to a year on my opening scene — going back to it, tinkering with it, rewriting it wall-to-wall, then tinkering with that, and so on.

    In many ways, it’s how I prefer to write. Bungling, I call it.

  2. That makes me feel A little bit better. Sometimes I feel like I’m taking too long to write the novel

  3. You may be surprised when your opening scene turns out to be something other than your opening scene. To work on it incessantly until it is honed may feel like progress; however, the characters will go where they will and will develop, the plot will grow subplots and all of a sudden you’re starting somewhere completely different—either with or without your original opening scene.

    Either way, I wish you luck.

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